Vintage overload !

I got these little beasts yesterday :

 NKT275 red dot transistors 
Vintage NKT275 red dot transistors ! These are the original transistors that you could find in the vintage Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Faces:
Vintage Fuzz face circuit
I am really really happy to have these pieces of vintage godness ! I will (of course) make a proper Fuzz Face with it. Hfe are 95 and 140, so quite high gain will be expected from this build. However, I will still combine the best of vintage and modern to do the best fuzz face possible ! Update: here it is!

If you want to find such transistors, I recommend you to search on ebay, and to pay attention to every detail in order not to be scammed. There are plenty of re editions of these units. Watch out for a flange, which should not be there, or a "hat form" of the transistors. In this case, they are likely to be "reissued" or re-branded transistors.

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