Hi there! My name is Benoit, I live in Paris, France, where I enjoy drinking beers, playing music, working in a biology laboratory (not necessary in this order) I always loved guitar effects, and musical genre associated to peculiar effects (stoner and fuzz, math rock and loopers, shoegaze and delays...), but I did not have the money to afford buying or testing all these effects...

When I first opened a guitar pedal, I was really suprised by the simplicity of the circuit! So, about 2/3 years ago, I decided to build my first effect myself. I quickly realize how easy and simple to do! With this blog, I try to share my newly acquired knowledge to help you building your effects

I started this blog with the idea in mind to give everyone the tools (knowledge and practical abilities) to understand how guitar effects work, and how to make them themselves from scratch. I think theguitar pedal industry needs a lot more transparency today. Most of times, everything around guitar pedals is more about marketing and believing than science and novelty.

Hopefully this blog will help you to understand all that, and help you to create your own pedals. Learn a bit of theory or tips, start a project with my step by step guides, or simply read my builds reports with the circuit analysis of the pedals I build. See you soon !

Any question about anything ? Just send me an email :
benoit(at) coda-effects.com
No spam bot please, if you are human, I hope that you will know what to replace the (at) with ;) 


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