Tips, theory

Here is a list of the posts to learn how to build DIY guitar pedals and understand how they work.

DIY Guitar Pedals

All about cabbles

A lot of answers about guitar cables. What is a high end guitar cable? What characteristics should you look at?

  • How to make guitar cables tutorialHere is a step by step tutorial about how to make good guitar cables. Cheap and quick!
  • How to make patch guitar cables tutorial A step by step tutorial to make patches for your pedalboard. Easy!

  • Theory

    Circuit Analysis

    Digital circuits

    Learn how to code and use digital microcontrollers in guitar effects! For advanced builders only, it is fairly complex...
    • Relay Bypass Another system to switch your effects, without a 3PDT: more reliable and noise-free! Ideal for a first project with microcontrollers (PIC12F675 here)
    • Anti-pop system for relay bypass True bypass often cause awful pop noise to occur when switching. Here, we use a photo FET to mute these annoying noises and get a totally silent