End of the crowdfunding campaign: what's next?

Here it is! The crowdfunding campaign is over, with a lot of success!
Thank you all for your support, Coda Effects is on the good tracks thanks to you!

crowdfunding ended

Let me show you some numbers:
In this post, I want to present you how I am going to schedule everything. As mentioned on the project webpage, I will write blog posts about the perks and pitfalls of making a series of pedals. One the pitfalls if to make an impossible-to-follow delivery schedule for sure!

Here is my schedule:
  • Receiving the money (one to two weeks): I will be then allow to see how much is left after the Ulule, Paypal, and French state taxes are off the collected amount of money. Indeed, almost 23% of the money will go to these different taxes. (No worries, I made the calculations before :) ). It should take one to two weeks to get all the money ready for ordering the parts!
  • Ordering the PCBs, enclosures and components (one to two months): one of the most crucial step! Thanks to the prototypes I have already made and my experience, I already selected a list of reliable suppliers. However, the delays can be quite long due to their localizations (USA, China for the PCBs, which can cause delays due to customs). At this step, some "surprises" can also happen and delay the shipping of the PCBs / kits / pedals. Everything should be fine with the suppliers I selected, but you never now! One to two month seems like a reasonable delay for ordering and receiving all the parts.
  • Drilling the enclosures, making the kits & effects (two weeks to one month): the fun step! I will do my best to make it as quick as possible, but always with great care about the project. I will have 27 pedals to make, and everything else will be kits (which implies only drilling). I already thought about tips to make it easier and quicker, which I will share with you in a next post.
  • Making videos and build doc (one to two weeks): before sending the kits, I really want to make a tutorial video to show you how to assemble your kit. It will prevent a lot of mistakes I think, so I think it is worth the wait! 
  • Shipping everything (one week + shipping time): I am currently evaluating which shipper I should use, for now I am considering the French post offices, which are quite good regarding tracking, delays and costs.
There it is! It is quite a lot of work to do. The maximum delay time is around 4 month (February 2017). I know it is quite a long time, but I hope to make it as quick as possible!

You will of course be informed about how it goes on a weekly basis.
If you have any suggestion or comment to make, do not hesitate to post a comment!

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