Cheap resistor is cheap !

I needed to get myself a stock of resistors of different values.

It can be very useful when you want to try different values or when you forgot to order THE resistor that you absolutely needed!

cheap resistors

I got this 1280 metal film 1% resistors pack on Amazon. There are plenty of offers of the same kind, it is directly imported from China, and resistors are perfectly fine.

I measured some of them and did not notice any significant difference with the theoretical value.

For me, it is really a good deal and a good start if you want to constitute a stock of components at a reasonable price! Of course, it is still a good idea to buy some small packs of the most used values like 1k for instance.
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Hello Benoit,
can you write, which values are in pack. I need some standard values (2k2, 12k, 47k,...) and some pretty unstandard values (9k1, 43k, 51k, 62k, 200k,...) too.
Thank you very much.


Hum... I will try to find it. I will maybe buy another pack soon.


100% truth, there is nothing wrong with parts from China after all 99,9% are made in Asia and lot of brands simply rebranding them. This is probably 1st honest pedal site i come across, amazing. There is hope for the world. Thx for post.