Jan Ray in a 1590B with Coda Effects PCB!

Here my latest version of the Jan Ray! This time, instead of the 1590BB or the 125B version, I made a smaller 1590B version, using a PCB that I designed! 

The Jan ray is quite annoying to make on vero, mainly because of the four knobs to wire. A PCB is thus quite helpful to make it easily. Moreover, it allows me to fit it in a 1590B enclosure. Here is the finished pedal:
Vemuram Jan Ray clone

I used the same look as before, with vintage orange sparkle prepainted enclosure, except that it is a 1590B now :)

 Make one yourself

It is quite a simple and fun build to do

Vemuram Jan Ray clone 
I also used a sticker to name it: Golden Hour (vintage overdrive). Photographers will understand! I think it gives a really nice look to this pedal. 

Here is the gutshot:
Vemuram Jan Ray clone
It is the classical circuit of the Jan Ray, with the OP amp, and trimpo for bass content / overall gain. I just changed a few things: R4 is 1.8k instead of 3.3k. This mod allows you to have low gain settings, nice if you want to use this pedal as a clean boost, or just to modify your sounds. Playing with the pedal, I realized you can "stratify" your sound easily by adding trebles and removing bass. Sounded very good with my P90 guitar.

Another modification I did was to replace the OP amp (LM1458) with a Burr brown OPA2134. I think it "soften" a bit the saturation. A nice touch to it.

I am currently testing other mods, with the diodes (LED, compressed...etc.), treble filter (to have less trebles maybe), gain of the last OP amp (too much volume for me on this pedal)

I just made a circuit guide of it to help you understand what does what. The Big muff page has this kind of circuit guide, and I find it very helpful. I hope that you like it, let me know what you think!
Jan Ray Timmy schematic circuit guide
If you want to experiment, socket the component you are interested in modulating, and try different values! Read the circuit analysis I made for more infos.

Sound samples !
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Your guide is very helpfull. I made this circuit but the gain pot work like a volume pot, if I roteate the gain pot the volume go up or down but it dont give more gaine to the Output signal. Can you sudgeste me where is the mistake? Thank's Tony!


Yes! You can find it in the ¨Shop¨ section of the website

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