Big Muff PCB available!

The Big Muff PCB that I conceived finally arrived in its final version... And it is alive! I also wrote a detailed build document.

Big Muff PCB 

It is a double layer PCB to make your own Big Muff! I added a fourth optional knob: the mids knob. Mids are a huge turn off for me with Big Muff: all your medium frequencies are scooped! 

When you use one in a band, you always disappear in the mix, quite boring when you want to use the loudness and sustain of a Muff and be heard! I made it optional in case you want to stick to the original design. Thus, you can make any Big Muff variant that you want, including "boutique" variants that often use a mids knob!

EHX Big Muff Russian PCB

I made it usable for a 1590B, so quite a small enclosure compared to the original Big Muff, ideal for crowded pedalboard purposes! But you can use it in a bigger enclosure, allowing a lot of mods.

Ready to make your own Big Muff? Get one here:


The quality is maximum with this PCB: it has been made using an immersion gold process that ensure easy soldering, and long lasting connexions. The PCB is lead free, so it can be used in any country (Europe does not allows lead in solder or electronic devices). Pads are quite spaced, and are big enough to allow easy soldering.

Big Muff circuit board

I used he same components name than in The Big Muff page. This is very useful, you can just pick the version you like on the Big Muff page, and make it yourself quickly! It also makes mods easier to do, and you can relate quickly between the excellent circuit guide from the Big Muff page to the PCB.

Electro harmonix Big Muff circuit board PCB

Example of a pedal made with the PCB

Here is a Ram's Head I made with the PCB. It is made wit a "replica" spirit: I used the exact same values as a 73' ram's head. I always wanted to know exactly what it sounded like, so this was a good time to try it!

Big Muff Ram's Head DIY

This pedal was made to test the "optionality" of the mid knob, really easy to do. I used my "Dolmen Fuzz" logo, made by HPM laser. I used a standard 1590B Hammond enclosure, that I polished with sand paper like my other Big Muff.

Big Muff Ram's Head DIY

As you can see, it fits perfectly in the enclosure. I tested my drill template, it is perfect! As you can see, I made the wiring easy:

Big Muff Ram's Head DIY

I also tested the compatibility of the PCB with Wima MKP2, which are really good capacitor for audio. Works well and gives a niche red touch to the circuit!

Big Muff Ram's Head DIY circuit

With my PCB and the detailed build doc I have written, you should be able to make your own Big Muff easily!

Ready to build yours? Get one here:


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3 Comment

If you ever decide to update this board a nice addition would be a +V out where the IN, GND and OUT are. It would save running a +V wire all the way from the DC jack to the LED. Note: the quality of this board is extremely good.


Good idea! I also plan on making it compatible with mica capacitors that I used sometimes.


Could you supply a build document in English? very interested in a few PCB's. Thanks Jerry