Other Vemuram Jan Ray variants

Since I designed my own Jan Ray circuit board, I assembled quite a few. The PCB is quite small, so I have made different variants of various sizes and colors, and I though you migh enjoy it. Here are some of them!

Here is a Jan Ray in a beautiful "mirror" copper color:

I could have this beautiful thanks to Dirty Fuel, a motorcycles workshop and repair chop (if you like beautiful custom motorbikes, check their website!). Indeed, the painting technique used for effects pedals (powder coating) is the same that the one used for cars and motorbikes!


I find it really beautiful, it is a bit different from the classic colors that you get with guitar effects. I would be really glad to make more of them, however the oven that is used to "dry" the paint consumme a lot of electricity (like a lot), so you need to make quite a lot of enclosures (at least fifty). Moreover, the enclosures needs to be polished perfectly to get this "mirror" aspect. If you are interested to get some enclosures like this one, post a comment and subscribe to the newsletter. If there are enough people, I can try to provide some enclosures like this one.

Inside, it is very classic, with a 3PDT, and my circuit board (blue!). This PCB is now available
Anyway, it is a really nice pedal, that is on my board now :) If you want, you can get a PCB to make it yourself!

 Make one yourself

Here is the inside of the pedal:

Here is another variant that I made in a bigger enclosure (1590BB), with top mounted jacks... It reminds me of my first Jan Ray clone

I also used the "Golden Hour" sticker that I made. I placed it on the side to keep the look of the first one I have made.


I worked quite a lot on this one to make it beautiful inside. I used solid core wire that is bendable to make a perfect angled wiring. I am really satisfied with it, one the most beautiful wiring I have done! However, I will not redo it, it was a lot of work to get it done: you have to get the perfect length, angle...etc

Here it is! I hope that you like it!

Any question? Post a comment!
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Really nice enclosure. Hope it will be possible to have one like this one on your tremolo ;)


I would love to, however the minimal order amount is 50 enclosures, so that might be difficult to achieve unfortunately!


Hello, Benoit, the Golden Hour is exactly what i would love to buy if you agree to make it. The bare Hammond 1590B would be ok for me :)


please tell me if you are making these to sell!


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