Crowdfunding campaign for the Montagne Tremolo and Dolmen Fuzz

My crowdfunding campaign for the Montagne Tremolo and the Dolmen Fuzz is finally out there!

The Montagne Tremolo is my final version of the tremolo prototype I showed you in a previous post. It is an analog optical tremolo with tap tempo and 6 different waveforms available, thanks to the TAPLFO digital chip.

The Dolmen Fuzz comes from my love for EHX Big Muffs and especially the green russian version. I tried different prototypes and circuits, and it is quite close to a previous build I made as well.

I decided to make these pedals available fully assembled by me, but also as high-quality kits and PCB only. The crowdfunding campaign will allow me to make a small series of each pedals and lower the price of the components, PCBs and enclosures.

If you want more infos, you can check the Ulule campaign page:

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