Dolmen Fuzz

- Inspired by the Russian Big Muff -

Coda Effects Dolmen Fuzz

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The Dolmen Fuzz is inspired by the "bubble font" version of the Big Muff made in Russian in the 90s. Unfortunately, it is not available anymore, but well known for its heavy, bassy sound. It is used by many "heavy" stoner and doom bands like Fu Manchu and Kyuss, but also by rock bands like Dinosaur Jr or the Black Keys, and can be used with guitar and bass as well. .

Coda Effects Dolmen Fuzz

The Dolmen Fuzz is a modernized version of this mystical fuzz, with a mid knob (the mid scoop is huge downside of the original pedal), and a switch to adjust the compression and clipping. The "Solstice" footswitch activates a feedback loop to turn this little monster in a doom noisy war machine!

Here are the controls:
  • Clipping switch to change the compression and dynamic of the Dolment Fuzz
  • Medium knob, to cut through the mix whenever you want
  • Noiseless relay bypass system absolutely silent true bypass switching system
  • Soltice switch for heavy sounds and noise drones
  • Optimized for guitar and bass
  • Made in France
Coda Effects Dolmen Fuzz
The Dolmen Fuzz has a huge powerful sound, with a lot of bass and mids frequencies (adjustable with the mid knob). It is ideal for Doom and Stoner, and is also nice for more vintage styles with the central switch that allows you to have less compressed and more dynamic sounds. Finally, the huge sustain and the available mid boost make it ideal to cut through the mix and go for powerful "Pink Floyd style" solos.

  • True Bypass: clickless switches and anti-pop relay system for a totally silent and reliable bypass
  • Analog signal path: your signal is never digitized and stays at its best!
  • Power: standard 9V DC, less than 50mA, center negative to make the Dolmen Fuzz highly compatible with pedalboard use. Can be battery powered too for Fuzz afficionados!
  • Size: 12,1 cm / 4,76" (L) x 6.6 cm / 2,6" (W) x 3.5 cm / 1,38" (H)
  • Weight: 312,9g / 11,03 oz

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Hey Benoit,
I was wondering if you were able to build custom pedals. I would like to have a Dolmen with green ringer octave circuit on a toggle. Is this possible. Peace from Canada,