Montagne Tremolo

- Analog tremolo with tap tempo -

Coda Effects Montagne Tremolo

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The Montagne Tremolo reproduces one the first guitar effects ever: the tremolo. The Montagne Tremolo can provide vintage, smooth, tube-like tremolos, but can also creates choppy crazy sounds, thanks to a plethora of options: 6 different waveforms (including a random one!), tap tempo, and a "Symmetry" knob that allows you to modulate the waveform for even more versatility.

The circuit is fully analog, driven by digital technology. Thus, it features a powerful Electric Druid TAPLFO2D, and a relay bypass switching system for a totally silent switching. All of that packed in a small, pedalboard and user-friendly 125B enclosure! 
  • 6 different waveforms for different tremolos styles
  • Tap tempo, ideal for live situations, with a ratio switch (1:1, 1:3....etc)
  • External volume control to adapt the effect to your setup, or even boost the signal
  • "Temporary" switch to make the effect activated at will
  • Relay bypass with anti pop system: absolutely silent true bypass switching system
  • 4 controls to finely modulate the effect
  • Made in France

Montagne Tremolo circuit

I selected only the best components for audio. I mainly choosed recognized electronics manufacturers based in Europe and the USA, used in HiFi:
  • Panasonic FC, Wima MKP2 capacitors
  • Neutrik, Alpha and Kobiconn connectors
  • Texas Instrument (OP amps), Microchip integrated circuits
  • Fairchild transistors and diodes    

Tpo electronic brands

  • True Bypass: clickless switches and anti-pop relay system for a totally silent and reliable bypass.
  • Analog signal path: The guitar signal is never digitized and stays analog from the start to the end of the tremolo circuit
  • Digital control of the circuit: more versatility than ever thanks to digital circuitery
  • Power supply: standard 9V DC, around 100mA, center negative to make the Montagne Tremolo highly compatible with pedalboard use.
  • Size: 12,1 cm / 4,76" (L) x 6.6 cm / 2,6" (W) x 3.5 cm / 1,38" (H)
  • Weight: 326,8 g / 11,52 oz

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