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Step by step build document available to build your pedal easily!

Here is a good circuit for beginners and distorsion fans! This effect, heavily "inspired" by the Fulltone OCD has a fat, mids-heavy sound that will remind you of 70s to 80s classic rock tones. The tone control is very efficient and can brighten up an amp or tame a too bright setting, making it quite versatile. It can also be used as a boost to push your amp for more gain.

Here is an example of a pedal I made with this PCB More pedals made with Coda Effects PCBs on Facebook here.

Fulltone OCD clone

This doubled-sided PCB will allow you to make the perfect OCD clone.

High quality PCB:
  • Gold-plated pads
  • Double sided FR4-TG circuit boards
  • Spaced pads for easier soldering
PCB Fulltone OCD clone

It is a rather simple pedal to make, perfect for a second build for instance 😊

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