Hello ! Here is my small Coda Effects shop. If you need anything else, contact me by mail: lelabodebiologie (at) gmail (point) com !

Printed Circuit Boards

Here are the PCBs I am currently selling:

Dolmen Fuzz PCB
- Big Muff -
8 €

Step by step build document to make your build easier!

I think that the Big Muff is a very nice build for beginners. It is quite a simple circuit, and very easy to mod. It is a great way to learn which component does what, and to create your own circuit!

It is a double sided PCB allowing you to make your own Big Muff. I also added an optional mid potentiometer. Thus, you can make any Big Muff version you like, including "boutique" variants with a mid potentiometer (Hoof, Iron Bell...etc)

High quality PCB :

  • Gold plated pads
  • Double sided board
  • Spaced pads for easier soldering

The parts names are the same as the ones used on the Big Muff page. This awesome website lists all the schematics of all the versions of the Big Muff! Thus, you can easily build any version of the Big Muff by looking at the Big Muff page. I also asked the owner of the website, who wished me luck!

Golden Hour PCB
- Vemuram Jan Ray -
8 €

Step by step build document to build your pedal easily!

The Golden Hour is heavily "inspired" by the Vemuram Jan Ray, which is also very "inspired" by the Timmy. This PCB allows you to make a Golden Hour yourself! You will have to gather components yourself, but this is a very, very easy build!

You can mod the pedal to change the amount of gain, trebles or add options for diodes clipping for instance.

High quality PCB :

  • Gold plated pads
  • Double sided board
  • Spaced pads for easier soldering

It is a transparent overdrive, with 4 controls to modify the sound as you like: Gain, Volume, Bass and Trebles. The PCB is made for Hammond 1590B enclosures. It also sound close to Fender amps by some ways


I now sell this component that is not always so easy to find:

Ditto Looper Switch
- Repair your Ditto Looper -
3 €

Follow my step by step guideto repair it

The TC Electronics Ditto Looper is really a great looper, quite easy to use and with good audio quality.

However, it has one big downside: its switch breaks really easily! This is because of the way it is conceived with a spring and a microswitch, a system also used on the Line 6 DL4, a well know easily-breakable pedal.

I found a way to fix it easily. Follow my step by step guide and fix it!