Laser engraved plates

I recently ordered some laser-engraved plates with the Coda Effects logo. I have ordered through HPM laser, a french company, which was affordable, and people there were really helpful and patient ! (not easy to know exactly what you need in some cases !)
Here is the result before cutting everything:
Laser cutter plates
Ink was projected with the laser on a stainless steel plate. The result is really neat and with 3M double-sided tape, I can stick it to any pedal enclosure I made for a really professional looking stompbox !
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What about the measurements of this plate? I'm planning to quote some with a company from here (Brazil). Thanks


Laser Etching is a subset of Laser Engraving. In this particular case, the heat from the beam is not used to vaporize the matter, but to melt it. It is mostly used on metals, and will expand the material by creating a raised cavity. It thus modifies its characteristics, such as its reflectivity, and will create a contrast with its surroundings. start a laser engraving business