Dead Astronaut FX Chasm Reverb PCB

Today I received a PCB from Dead Astronaut FX, the Chasm Reverb!
Dead Astronaut (alias Robert Henry) is an effects builder based in the United Kingdom. He builds a lot of different effects (fuzz, distorsion, tremolo, delays...), with beautiful etched enclosures.

I recently had a crush on the reverb he makes, the Chasm Reverb. It is a beautiful, deep sounding reverb that can auto-oscillate to create great sounding "waves" of sounds, ideal for post rock or prog rock. It is based on a Belton Brick, an IC allowing builders to make digital reverbs. Moreover, it has interesting options compared to other reverbs: a mix potentiometer to choose the amount of dry and wet signal, and a bypass system that let the reverb ends when you turn the effect off. It is called "trails". There is also a "damp" setting and volume.

You can find demos on youtube (chasm reverb or prismatic reverb) that are really great sounding!

Dead Astronaut can make the Reverb for you, or you can order a PCB to make it yourself. As being a DIYer, I ordered the PCB for a reasonable price of 11 pounds. If you want to make one, you can buy the PCB here. Robert is very helpful and replies quickly to emails, he gave me a lot of useful informations. The PCB is of very good quality, double sided with a nice ground plane. The Chasm reverb layout is quite nice, and not too compressed:

Chasm Reverb layout PCB
We can see the big space necessary for the Belton Brick
(Digital Reverb IC)

Chasm Reverb layout 
The circuit is nice seen from the bottom too!

I started to populate the board. I could add every resistance, but I miss some diodes types and capacitors values. And of course the Belton Brick!
Prismatic Reverb PCB populated
I am really looking forward to hear it!

Dead Astronaut's website:
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