Black Hole PCB

- Sunn Model T preamp -

Pre-soldered J201 SMD JFETs (+4€)
8 €
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Detailled build document available.

This is the infamous Sunn Model T preamp in a box, with a boost to make it even louder and heavier.

Seven controls:
  • Normal and Bright channels : each have a different voicing and gain, you can use both at the same time or one by one
  • Volume: plenty on tap
  • 3 band EQ: bass (lots of them), mids and treble to sculpt your sound.
  • Boost switch: activates a LPB1 boost to have more gain and go to doom territory

Genuine through-hole JFETs are more and more difficult to find these days (most of the through-hole JFETs sold online are fakes), so you can order a presoldered board with genuine Fairchild Semiconductors J201 SMD JFETs that are the best in class.

Fake JFETs sound quite bad, so by ordering the presoldered board, you will be sure to have a good sounding guitar pedal.

High quality PCB:
  • Gold-plated pads
  • Double sided FR4-TG circuit boards
  • Spaced pads for easier soldering
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This is actually my favourite build. The documentation is detailed and thorough and the drilling template is excellent too. And most important: it sounds amazing.
Pay attention to the measurements of the 220 uF electrolytic cap when you order/buy the parts. They tend to be pretty big.
There is a "part list by values" in the documentation. It omits Q9 2N5088. Just bear that in mind if you use it as a shopping list.
This is one of the coolest pedals I've built so far. Thanks.


Can I use a 2n5089 instead of 2n5088


Hi, noob question about film capacitors CB1 & CB2. 0.1uf I can't find a seller but I can find WIMA 100nf, so noob bit is that according to capacitor calculator 0.1uf is same as 100nf?? So the 100nf WIMA film capacitors I have are not fat like yours and like the PCB suggests. They are as thin as the 22nf. So were the 0.1uf you used high voltage or have I got it all wrong.:-)


Coda Effects has been a pleasure to deal with. The customer service is spot on. I have made 3 of these so far. Put the boost on a footswitch and use your volume knob on your guitar for some really gritty low/medium gain stuff. Hit the footswitch and tear the walls down. constantly get asked about this pedal. If you like fuzz this is definitely worth checking out. Thanks for this gem Benoit.


Do you know if your drilling patter matches any of pre-drilled enclosures?


any changes that might make it better for hotter signals? Like modular or line level? Haven't built yet, just guessing some values should be changed at least. THANKS!!