Golden Hour PCB

- Vemuram Jan Ray -

PCB Golden Hour Jan Ray PCB
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Step by step build document to build your pedal easily!

The Golden Hour is heavily "inspired" by the Vemuram Jan Ray, which is also very "inspired" by the Timmy. This PCB allows you to make a Golden Hour yourself! You will have to gather components yourself, but this is a very, very easy build!

Here is an example of a pedal I made with this circuit board You can find more pictures of pedals made by Coda Effects customers on the Coda Effects Facebook Page

PCB Golden Hour Jan Ray PCB

It is a transparent overdrive, with 4 controls to modify the sound as you like: Gain, Volume, Bass and Trebles. The PCB is made for Hammond 1590B enclosures. It also sound close to Fender amps by some ways

High quality PCB:
  • Gold-plated pads
  • Double sided FR4-TG circuit boards
  • Spaced pads for easier soldering
PCB Golden Hour Jan Ray PCB

You can mod the pedal to change the amount of gain, trebles or add options for diodes clipping for instance.
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This is a hell of a Overdrive pedal. One of my favorites! Easy to build and very good sounding! Thank you for this!


Thank you for a speedy delivery. My build was live at the first try (after I remembered to put in the op amp). Sounds fantastic, better than expected. I added a mod switch with outboard diodes. Germanium ones make it sound more like a distortion.