Slightly Modified Supreaux Deux PCB

- JHS Superbolt PCB -

Pre-soldered J201 SMD JFETs (+3€)
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Detailled build document available.

This PCB allows you to build a JHS Superbolt clone. The Superbolt is heavily inspired by the Supreaux Deux, a circuit emulating the preamp of an old Supro amp.

Four controls:
  • Gain: can go from an always on light drive to a heavy overdriven sound
  • Volume: plenty on tap
  • Tone Control, mainly to shape the treble content of the pedal.
  • Hi / Lo switch : emulate the two inputs of the amp. Help you to set the amount of trebles as well to choose between a gritty gain or something warmer.
JHS Superbolt Clone

Genuine through-hole JFETs are more and more difficult to find these days (most of the through-hole JFETs sold online are fakes), so you can order a presoldered board with genuine Fairchild Semiconductors J201 SMD JFETs that are the best in class.

SMD JFET transistors

Fake JFETs sound quite bad sounding, so by ordering the presoldered board, you will be sure to have a good sounding guitar pedal.

High quality PCB:
  • Gold-plated pads
  • Double sided FR4-TG circuit boards
  • Spaced pads for easier soldering
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Hi, if I omit D2, D3, C14, C15 and max1044 and put jumper between D2 and D3, can I use it with 18V power supply?


Sounds really great! Thank You! It's well made, too.