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Vintage overload !

I got these little beasts yesterday :

 NKT275 red dot transistors 
Vintage NKT275 red dot transistors ! These are the original transistors that you could find in the vintage Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Faces:
Vintage Fuzz face circuit
I am really really happy to have these pieces of vintage godness ! I will (of course) make a proper Fuzz Face with it. Hfe are 95 and 140, so quite high gain will be expected from this build. However, I will still combine the best of vintage and modern to do the best fuzz face possible ! Update: here it is!

If you want to find such transistors, I recommend you to search on ebay, and to pay attention to every detail in order not to be scammed. There are plenty of re editions of these units. Watch out for a flange, which should not be there, or a "hat form" of the transistors. In this case, they are likely to be "reissued" or re-branded transistors.

Big Muff Variant (in process)

I am building a Big Muff variant. As a base, I am using a classic ram's head PCB (made by etronics, cheap and quick, really good manufacturing!), which was quickly populated with BC109 and MPSA18 transistors (cool combination!), metal film resistors and a lot of Wima film capacitor MKP2:
Big muff PCB rams headBig muff PCB rams head
Fig. 1 Empty board, and populated PCB ! Very quick and funny to do !

I have already done few modifications on the circuit: possibility to bypass the tone stack circuit, feedback loop between the transistors for a maximal gain with a momentary footswitch. I changed a lot of values to make it smooth and not too scooped in the mids. It is already a very funny and good sounding device ! Last thing missing would be a 3-bands equalizer alternative (it would be possible to choose between classic big muff tonestack or a 3 band EQ with a switch).
It is already a "smooth" big muff, not too gritty, and has a lot of bass. The tone control is really efficient, but I still need more mids!

I am also trying to make a smaller proper PCB for this variant, in order to fit it into a BB enclosure. I am working on this with Eagle, a software to conceive PCB. Hopefully I will manage to finish it soon!

Cheap resistor is cheap !

I needed to get myself a stock of resistors of different values.

It can be very useful when you want to try different values or when you forgot to order THE resistor that you absolutely needed!

cheap resistors

I got this 1280 metal film 1% resistors pack on Amazon. There are plenty of offers of the same kind, it is directly imported from China, and resistors are perfectly fine.

I measured some of them and did not notice any significant difference with the theoretical value.

For me, it is really a good deal and a good start if you want to constitute a stock of components at a reasonable price! Of course, it is still a good idea to buy some small packs of the most used values like 1k for instance.